Tuesday, February 18, 2014

silly me!

Hi everyone!  I have this sketch by Laura Whitaker scrappinaroundtheclock.  So I worked on the sketch tonight.  It left me the perfect space to use this piece of wood (the Christmas Tree in my LO) I bought after Christmas for a penny!  What I neglected to do was write on my printout that this was for BoysRule and I was to use their collection WHICH I SUBSCRIBE TO!!! Oh well...I like the way my precious grandsons turned out on this page anyway!...Thanks for taking a look!


Brotherly love on Christmas morning: Brian & Talan

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  1. So pretty - and that tree, I can't believe you got it for a penny!!! I love the way you blinged it out with the ornaments! Your real tree was beautiful, too. And of course those sweet boys! Wonderful layout!